Friday, September 25, 2009


My son loves everything about being a cub scout including camping. I, on the other hand think roughing it means not having a mini bar when we "camp out" in a hotel room. I love wildlife and enjoy hiking and out door activities but I NEED a comfy bed and heat. For the past few Octobers we have gone to Hawk Mountain, a bird watching place in Eastern PA that is on a migratory route for various raptors. It is a magnificent site to see a Golden Eagle soaring through this breathtakingly beautiful area. When we are done though, we head to our cabin by a lake that is heated and has a soft bed. We still cook our food on the campfire and finish off the evening with gooey, delicious S'mores but we then head INSIDE were the bears can't get us!

This is a S'more kit I made with my son's scout troop in mind and for the limited supply challenge at SCS today. I used the adorable new CUTE TROOP stamp from THE GREETING FARM, a plastic paint can from Michaels, a Digi kit for the scene and papers I got at the Boy Scout store when I went to get my son a new uniform. Can you believe they actually have a bunch of scrapbooking supplies there?

I made a couple layers for the fire and popped it up to give it some dimension and to allow Ian to roast his marshmallows. Aren't marshmallows a wondrous invention?

The scene goes all around the container except for a half inch space in the back that I am going to have to deal with. I will probably put the scouts name on it along the back when I am ready to give them out.

I think I will go sneak some of those marshmallows out of the can! See Ya!


Cheryl Walker said...

Super cute hun!!! Love how you made this darling smores kit!!

WickedPixie said...

This is amazing!!! I love how he's holding the stick with the marshmallows!

Danni said...

Truly amazing! Wow!! Wonderful job!

Marilyn (mlj-mlj) said...

I am with you- love the outdoors but I need a bed and shower. Adorable smores kit! Bet the scouts will love it.

Sparkle said...

This is just darling! I love it!

Saskia said...

Wow!!!! Great, great project! So unique!!

Saskia :)

Gloria said...

This is an awesome turned out wonderful!

Peggy said...

What a super idea!! Your project is adorable!