Sunday, February 7, 2010


Isn't the irony of life wonderful. Truly, I am not being sarcastic, I think it is what makes life interesting. My DH and I have been getting the house in order for our Superbowl party and as I mentioned earlier I was trying to finish some new LR curtains. Now, I have had the fabric for these for about 3 years and I didn't even like it anymore but I felt I had to make them on principle. Let me explain.

I was once a professional seamstress/designer but I never really did much home dec so when I stopped into a home dec fabric store a few years ago for some drapery fabric, I had no idea of the cost. I only knew that I had searched far and wide for the fabric I had envisioned in my head and I had finally found what I wanted. I ordered it not really paying attention to the cost thinking along the lines of Joann fabrics prices. Well let me tell you, the sticker shock when I went to pick it up floored me. No returns on cut, special order fabric either. Did you ever buy something and feel sick all the way home?

We are not poor by any means (though we aren't wealthy by any stretch of the imagination either) so it's not like we went without dinner or suffered but it was a very extravagant purchase for our budget. I am embarrassed to say how much and I don't want my DH to know just in case he reads this, just know it could have fed a family of 4 for a couple weeks.

The kicker is we added a window to our LR in the mean time so I had to scramble and piece to have enough for both windows. There was no way in Hades that I would have bought more.

So here they are. Technically they are fine, as sewing goes drapery is a pretty simple project (despite what they charge for them), but I have to say I don't really like the fabric anymore and the sofa that I made them to go with is just about ready to be sent to the basement rec room.

Oh yeah, here is the ironic part, we can't have our super bowl party because we have over 2 feet of snow (which you can see through the window) and we still haven't been able to get our driveway cleared (we live in the country) so we can't get to the store and no one could park if they did make it here. You gotta laugh!


KymKreates said...

Isn't that the way it always goes. I know when we built our house I made curtains for every room and wow I did not realize either how much it would cost! They are lovely! Now you just have to buy a couch to match the curtains. hahahaha!

the whimsical butterfly said...

Oh no! I have to say that although I don't sew on anything other than paper, LOL, I've been through the rows and rows of GORGEOUS fabrics at Joann and yes, SUPER expensive! Oh Kim-between that and the snow.....Irony is a good description! Hang in there! LOL!

Amy Johnson said...

Such a funny story. Drapes are expensive though. I am in the process of making new drapes for my living room too. So far I've spent $65.00 for the lining, $269.00 for the fabric, $139.00 for the hardware, and $30.00 for the valences. And I still have to buy thread and trim. And thats with my discount and 50% regular prices. Thats why, I only change the drapes in a room about once every 10 years. And one better make sure they really, really like the fabric before they invest in it. LOL!

Candy said...

Sorry about your party!!
I think your drapes are wonderful! I am in love with fabrics like those you have picked. Such a shame you do't like it anymore - you have done a great job in piecing these ones!!
Yes - I have purchased something that has made me sick with the price !!! AWFUL feeling....
Hugs, Candy