Friday, February 18, 2011


I am starting something new today called Refurbish It Friday.  I have been wandering around craft and DIY home dec blogs lately trying to get my craft guns firing and have seen some amazing re-purposed projects. Because of my busy schedule and the fact that my family doesn't spend a lot of time at home, I have sadly neglected decorating my house the way I would like. I want to try some of these great projects myself and am going to show my progress (which may be very slow at times) here every Friday.  My house is a smallish, cottage style and I want to make some things that are a little shabby chic (but not too precious) to spruce things up a bit.  We'll see how it goes, LOL!
 To start things off, I have this display case which has been sitting in my sewing room, collecting dust,  for years.  I've seen some really gorgeous ones lately like THIS one by Tammy Tutterow, THIS  one found at Two Peas in a Bucket and THIS one from Melissa Samuels.  If I can make one half as good as these, I will consider myself lucky!
The first thing I did was clean all the dust off, he, he, ahem and pry the back off. I then tore off the elvis-velvet background...
 and set it aside to be covered in paper later.

 I then sanded the wood with some medium grit sandpaper and wiped it off with some tack cloth. 

This may not seem like much progress to you but it is enormous to me considering my schedule and the fact that I have a really hard time getting my booty going on multi-step projects.   Next week I will be painting.

If this inspires you, grab a project yourself and follow along with me. It would be so great to have some company to keep me motivated!

I will still be doing some paper crafts here but I am going to be focusing on home dec items for a while cause that is what has flipped my fancy at the moment. I had been so focused on paper crafting that I had no idea how vast and amazing the blog world is for DIY home dec and other crafts in general.  Check it out, if you are like me, you will be amazed at the creativity, resourcefulness, and skill these bloggers posses.

Thanks so much for stopping by and have a super weekend!

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Amy Johnson said...

good luck with your goal!