Monday, February 14, 2011


I needed a card for my nephew and his wife's new little baby boy.  As I was searching for ideas, I saw a card in the SCS gallery showing a rocking card made from a card kit.  Of course, I says to myself (as any good diy'er would) I can make one of those without a kit.  And I did. And you can too.
It had a bobble head but of course I had to go one step further to make the legs move too. 

Is this not adorable?

Here is the tut.
I used the shape from an SU punch and my copy machine and made it BIG. I have a PDF of this base,  the rocking part of the card, at the end of the post.  Cut it out of a good strong card stock.. This is a light blue (bashful?) from SU. Score along the middle. 

 Fold it, and play with it a couple times by rocking (the rocking part its optional and just for fun) it back and forth.

I messed up and put a liner in last but if you want one, do it now, it is much easier.

I used elements from a great digital kit called DINO ROAR found at JUST SO SCRAPPY, cuuuuute!
Using photoshop, I put together some grass and a hill and attached it to the bottom of the rocker.

And then trimmed it off the bottom using the rocker as a guide.
 I sponged around the edges with some old olive ink and some blue (can't remember which) around the top
I sized up the dino to about 6X6 inches and printed out two on matte printer paper. You could also do this on cardstock but I like how the colors come out on the matte paper.  It is lighter than cs so I attach it (as you will see) to a cs base.

One was cute out whole and the others head and feet  only.
These were then attached to card stock and cut out.  You could probably be smarter than I was and cut them out together.
Take the head-only piece and flip it over.  Grab some wire and twirl it around a pencil to create a spring.   Use double stick tape to attach it to the center of the back of the head.
Punch or cut two, 1.5 inch circles,  and punch a whole in the center of each. Place some glue on one side and put it one over the wire and work it down so that it is against the base of the head covering the base of the wire.
 Take the other and place it down over the the first twirl of the wire.
Hold it while you flip it over and place it on the whole dino.
Adjust it so that the top head matches up with the bottom head.

Now you have a bobble head dino. Next, punch a whole in the base of the leg as shown. Thread an eyelet up through the bottom.
Take the extra leg pieces and flip them over. These are going to get a flat topped brad glued to them.  You have to place the extra foot with it's matching one to position the brad. Attach the brad with some heavy duty glue.  I use E6000 and it seems to hold up pretty well.
Hold the eyelet that is coming up through the back leg of the whole dine and flip the extra leg over so that the brad goes through the eyelet from the FRONT side.

Flip it over and fold the brad prongs over the eyelet loosely. You want it to move freely.
 Place some dimensionals on the back of the dino (not all the way to the top cause he sticks out over the card base) but avoid the area around the brad/eyelet so that the foot will move freely.
 I printed out a tree and a couple extra leaves and made a little background for the dino.
 The leaves were layered on with pop dots.
 The tree was attached to the side of the card base first and the dino was placed at the front.  Be sure to place the dino so that the card isn't too heavy on one side or the other. If it is off center, based on weight, the card will list to the side - ask me how I know, he he. The head is heavy so you may have to adjust it to the side a bit.

Final touch was an SU sentiment to welcome the new little sweetie. I love this card, it is just too fun to play with.  

Click HERE for the pdf file of the card base.  If you have problems (or need help) with the pdf file, let me know ( and I will send it to you via email.

If you make one let me know I would love to see it!


Sherri said...

Absolutely one of the best cards I've EVER seen.....I LOVE it!!

mamia (me and mine in Alabama) said...

Kim, this is too cute! Thanks for the tutorial, I'll have to give it a try.


Danni said...

Oh my word is this ever cute!!

Beth aka BR-T said...

Oh this is phenomenal you are amazing!!