Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Do you watch flea market flip? Love that show, the contestants can be so creative.  I am a total wannabe in that area. I am much better at copying other people's ideas but hopefully I will be able to come up with some of my own stuff eventually.

My husband and I have been checking out some local flea markets and I had been looking for something to replace an ancient wicker stand I had in the bathroom.  I swear I have had that broken down little thing for 25 years.  It was butt ugly but it served its purpose.  Anyway, I scored one Saturday morning with this little jewel.  It was the perfect size and it was only a dollar.  Yes, I said one dollar.
 I think it was a little desk.  It was missing a side piece which was rattling around inside.  I just glued it back into place and it was perfect.  It was a bit too tall so I had my husband saw off a few inches from the bottom of the legs.
I tried some new chalk paint from a company called Maison Blanche.  The color I used for the legs is called sugar cane and is a really pretty grayish greenish blue.  Hard to describe but really shabby looking and perfect for what I wanted.  

Once painted with two coats, I distressed a little with a sanding block and gave it a coat of light brown wax.  

The top was sanded and stained with Minwax Jacobean.  Not bad for a dollar, huh?

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Monday, June 17, 2013


I have a couple Father's day projects that I didn't get posted in time but maybe they can be inspiration for next year?  
My husband has two main hobbies, golf and playing the guitar.  This makes it really easy to find holiday themes for him.  
This is a double side step card I made using a digital kit from THE DIGI CHICK called AFTERNOON IN THE PARK.  
And this is a little desk organizer for paper clips and note pads.  This was made using PERFECTLY SQUARE TEMPLATE SET  and BANNERS HYBRID TEMPLATES.

Hope all the dad's in your life had a great day!