Sunday, March 4, 2012


I have two sisters with Birthdays this month so I spent a little time in the craft room this weekend making cards.  They are both getting the same card (shhh, neither of them read my blog so don't tell them) because I spent most of the weekend cleaning. I finally had two whole days with no scheduled events (except for my son's piano lesson but my husband took him) so I got caught up with laundry and other crappy, long overdue chores. 
I also finished a year-round wreath for our door which I will be posting as soon as I get the tutorial  put together.   What do you think of the background of the picture.  I found a new photo editing program called ipiccy through one of the blogs I follow.  It is free and it does some fun stuff for pictures.  I am a bumble when it comes to photoshop so I really like how easy it was to purty up my picture.  I like the darker background, I think it makes the focal point stand out more.

Have an awesome week!

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Amy Johnson said...

wow! This is fabulous! Love the Shabby Chic look!