Saturday, March 14, 2009

Rolling/Slider/Spinning Card Tutorial

Happy Saturday everyone! I am so lucky to be able to get up every morning and go to a job I love but boy do I love the weekends too. Lots of time to stamp and hang with the kids. I promised the tutorial and now I finally have it done! I started last night but was too tired to finish so here it is.

This is the same technique I used on skater Ian but I am using an Anya I had left over as a demo. For some reason I don't enjoy making the same card more than once, not sure why.

Here is what you need to get started.

Exacto Knife
Pop up dots
A card that has several layers including a couple with good quality, heavy cardstock
You will want to have the design and pieces figured out before you began so you have a plan.

I made a 5X5 card base of cardstock and set it aside. I made a second, slightly smaller layer made with a single layer of heavy cardstock and a single layer of designer paper. That is the blue layer you see here. I used my top and final layer as a guide and I drew a light pencil line following the path I wanted my sliding image to follow. I then made another line an eighth of an inch up from that. You don't want to go all the way to the end just to about a quarter of an inch away from the sides of the card.

Using a ruler and an exacto knife, carefully follow your pencil lines to cut out the slim window.

Flip it over and put pop up dots on the back. The thickness will depend on the size of your eyelet/brad combo and on whether or not you want your image to spin or just slide. A thinner pop up will let the image slide and a thicker one will give enough space to let your image spin as it rolls down.

Grab and eyelet...

and a brad and insert the brad into the wider part of the eyelet.

Insert the eyelet/brad through the back of the card so that the prongs of the brad are sticking out on the right side of the card. You can see that the eyelet gives a nice column for the image to clear the window and allow the image to move.

Bend the prongs of the brad so that they are parallel to the card. Mine are a little bent (I did that on purpose to show you what not to do... not!). Anyway, make sure yours are as even as possible.

Add a little glue to the bent prongs. I like the E6000 because I am attaching a shrinky and I want a strong bond additionally, it sets up pretty quickly. Don't add too much, you don't want it to get on your card. I used the wooden end of a Qtip but a toothpick would work as well.

This is the only tricky part. Lay the image on top of the gluey brad prongs as gently as possible and press slightly. Try not to squish any glue onto the sides. I let it set up a a minute or so and then turned the card over to let it dry.

I added my top and final layer and voila! A slider card.

This same technique done in a slightly different way, can be used to put a spinning feature on your cards and scrapbook pages. I have assembled the parts of the card that I want to spin and used a punch to make 1/8 in holes in the center of each piece.

Starting with the eyelet only,no brad yet, assemble your pieces layering them on the column of the eyelet.

Place the brad on the front side and through the column of the eyelet.

Flip it over and flatten the brad.

Add the piece to your card and twirl away!

This same technique would be great to make spinning wheels on a number of different stamps such as this firetruck. I hope this tutorial has been helpful. Let me know if you have made anything using this idea, I would love to see your projects!


Jessica Diedrich said...

This is amazing, Kim! Wow! I am going to link your blog to mine, btw-I meant to do it earlier but I've been forgetting everything this week LOL! Seriously, your tutorials are ROCKIN'!!!! Love them! And what adorable cards you've made using the spinning technique!

lisa808 said...

Thanks for sharing. I've always used pennies before. I really like the pinwheel and tire ideas.

AnnS said...

Wow! Your tutorials are great. I might even try this idea. Thanks.,

Mona Pendleton said...

very cute cards! I really like all the detail!

Busym1 said...

Your cards are too cute! I love the tutorials! Thank you!

Princess said...

Are you serious? I can't believe this. I tried figuring out the whole spinning/sliding thing once..using a penny. Couldn't make it work. This looks a whoooole lot easier. Thanks for the tutorial. I can't wait to try it!

mel m. m. mccarthy said...

I have got to try this. WOW! Nothing short of brilliance! Thanks for sharing it! :O)