Friday, July 31, 2009


I usually do experiments of the mad scientist variety, well actually it is a little more mundane than that, but at home I tried out an experiment that was a little more domestic in nature.

I am sure you all have seen those wonderful cookie bouquets available for special occasions. To me, they all look so pretty and yummy I thought I might do a little experimenting and see what I could come up with. The inspiration came from another new stamp set called Hello Go-rounds from The Greeting Farm which will be available August 1st (tomorrow, yeah!).

Now, I am not much of a cook and most of my attempts at cake decorating have pretty much been a disaster and, as in many of my at-work experiments, I wasn't quite sure how things would work out. I have lots of grand ideas but many of them end up in the circular file so, come on into my lab and see how things went down.

First off, here is my motherly warning, if you are going to try this PLEASE do not use stamps you have used with regular ink. Get separate sets of stamps that will be specifically dedicated to one use or the other. I used a brand new stamp set that was washed with dish soap.


Sugar cookies - I used a pre-mixed package type
Gourmet Writer - these are special food decorating markers, I got mine at Cake Art Party Store
Cookie Cutter
Fondant - I used pre-made from Wilton, I think I got it at Michaels or Wal mart
Cuttlebug embossing folder - wash it thoroughly with dish soap before use
Color mist - decorating spray color, Michaels
Lollipop sticks - Walmart
powdered sugar, light corn syrup

Cut out your cookies. I found it was much better to bake a solid sheet of cookie dough and then after it cooled slightly, cut out my flower shape. The cookies spread too much if I cut the shape out of the dough and then baked them as one traditionally would.

The Fondant. Take it out of the foil and place it in a plastic zip bag. Rip a hunk off and zip up the bag. Work quickly and keep the remaining fondant sealed because it dries out rapidly. Roll it to about 1/4" thickness ( I made mine a little too thick and boy was it a mouthful to eat). Use a little powdered sugar to keep it form sticking. I placed it inside the cuttlebug folder and rolled over everything again as hard as I could to get a nice impression. Cut out shape.

Spray with decorating color. I sprayed from the side first to get the edges and then the top. I was only semi-successful in getting a light airbrush effect. But doesn't that look cool?

Lightly brush cookie with corn syrup, this helps the fondant stick to the cookie, and place the fondant on top. I very lightly smooshed the edges of the fondant down around the edge of the cookie to give it a more rounded look. Sorry for the blurry photo, my hands were covered with gook and the camera kept slipping.

Color your stamps the same way you would if you were using regular markers. I chose a couple colors to match the flower pot I got at Michaels on sale for 1.99. Once the entire stamp was colored I "huffed" (breath heavily on it to moisten the marker) on it and then gently pressed into a smaller flower shape cut from non-embossed fondant.

I made one at a time placing it immediately into a zip bag till I was ready to put them on the flower base. The stamped layer was then placed on the base. No corn syrup necessary, they stuck together fine alone. Insert lollipop stick into cookie base.

And here is the finished product. Not too bad eh Igor?

Thanks for stopping by and make sure to check out the other design team members blogs both from The Greeting Farm and Club Anya for some more (and different) sneak peeks. And come back tomorrow for the blog hop to celebrate TGF'S one year anyaversary . There are over 80 participants so there is sure to be lots of fun and inspiration.


Mary Giles said...

I see a cookie bouquet business in your future! What a great idea! You come up with the best non-card projects. Of course your cards are fabulous too.

Cheryl Walker said...

Awww this is way to sweet!!! Love the way you used the sentiments and your flowers are darling!!!


Elena said...

Wow! This idea is fabulous!!! I am speechless... You are genius, Kim! I am sure my son would love to created these cookies with me!
Thank you so much for sharing tutorial and ideas!

Lynnor aka icensheba on SCS said...

What a wonderful project and great tutorial! Your cookie bouquet looks incredible and too good to eat!! Thanks for sharing this!!!

Jessica Diedrich said...

A sweet experiment indeed! This is amazing!!!

AngieHallHaviland said...

OH Kim!! How PRECIOUS!!! and looks yummy :o)

Gloria said...

Kim----Just absolutely out of this world...I may have to try that....Thanks for adding your tutorial...Great job.....

ShellyRaeWood said...

Thanks for the step by step. I think they are awesome. This is the best kind of can eat the mistakes!! LOL Shelly

Michelle said...

kim..this is wonderful! TFS!

Anonymous said...

OH HOW CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!! I love them girl!!!!!!

Cherie said...

What a fabulous idea! Your cookie bouquet looks fantastic! TFS!

Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

Wow!! What an awesome and creative idea!! I love it!! Phenominal job!!

mel m. m. mccarthy said...

SO yummy! They look gorgeous. Brilliant tutorial! :O)

Busym1 said...

What a cute idea! Love it! Michelle

Diann said...

Kim, I've just gotten here to take a look and I'm delighted!! These are just awesome and I loved the step by step you gave! Way to go!

Ginny said...

how cute are they...

Candy said...

I am totally in AWE of these cookies you made~ how you made and decorated them and how wonderful they came out. The flower pot with them and the grass is such a treasure and a wonderful gift for someone!!!!!!
Hugs, Candy