Wednesday, January 13, 2010


One of these days I will figure out how to do a PDF file of a template but until then a picture and measurements will have to do. But it is pretty simple to make the envelope card found HERE using just a ruler.

The actual card was cut in one piece from 12X12 inch card stock but the template was made from 8.5X11 inch paper taped together. I used a ruler (I like using my big quilting ruler it has lots of lines for guides) to make a 5 3/4 inch X 11 1/4 inch rectangle. I drew in dotted lines at 3 3/4 inch increments for my fold lines.

I measured 2 inches down on either side of the top segment and made a dot. I made another dot in the center (ignore the two little dots that was a mistake) of the 5 3/4 inch edge and drew lines to form a triangle.

I didn't want such a pointed edge so I measured down about a quarter of an inch and drew a horizontal line as a guide to cut off the point.

Easy peasy huh? Sorry it took so long to get this posted but you know how life gets in the way of crafting sometimes!

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KymKreates said...

Thanks so much. I appreciate you taking the time.