Sunday, August 14, 2011


Hey, everyone!

I am back to fully reveal what may have been just a cloudy snippet yesterday... did you see through our little surprise or are you CLEARLY stumped?

Well, wonder no more because some of the cherished members of the TGF alum along with the Farmers are thrilled to bring you a BRAND NEW line by TGF: 

Before we go any further, these stamps are not replacing our rubber line.  We are testing the waters to bring you some fun new designs, and most of all QUALITY stamps!  To add to the fun, we also have the opportunity to bring you some RE-RELEASES, in addition to NEW releases and we are excited to get started with our first two sets!  


I used MY FAIRY PRINCESS  to make a fairy party invitation out of a wooden spool.
Scroll down to the bottom if you want to see how it was made.

So, what do you think?  Are you CLEARLY stunned or could you see RIGHT THROUGH our snippet yesterday?   Anxious to try the new line?  Well, be sure to leave a comment on the TGF BLOG to see who ELSE is previewing the FUN'll see some familiar faces in addition to our Farmers and there's a SET OR TWO UP FOR GRABS there, too!

See you tomorrow for the official release of our first two CLEAR stamp sets, Bantastic and Fairy Princess.  Thanks for stopping by!

The wooden spool was painted a shiny aqua color and stamped in gold with the butterfly stamp included in the set.
The invitation was printed on a strip of card stock and stamped in green with the mushroom stamps from the set.
The other side was stamped with the saying included in the set and the edge was attached to the spool with double sided tape.
The invite was wrapped around the spool and a strip was made about 1/4 thinner to wrap around it.  I used  a small piece of velcro on the edges of the outer strip to hold it together.
These would be so cute for a little girl's fairy or princess themed birthday party.  Of course they would have to be hand delivered (maybe in a coordinating box) but how fun!


Pam Varnell said...

What a FANTASTIC idea Kim. Love your cute spool. This is just amazing girl.

Jess B. said...

OMG love love this idea. TFS

Jess B.

Bonafyde said...

What a innovative idea! so cute, I'd love to recieve an invite like these... so cute!