Sunday, December 18, 2011


I bought some linen before Thanksgiving in order to make some of THESE pumpkins but I never got around to doing it (story of my life) so I decided to put it to another use.  I made a couple of advent stockings for my kids.

It was pretty easy to print on the linen provided it was taped securely around the edges of a piece of card stock. I tried the freezer paper method with no luck as the fabric got stuck in my printer. I wrapped the tape around the edges and to the back of the paper. I also found it necessary to tape along all of the edges otherwise the fabric moved around and the image wasn't straight.
I removed the tape and paper from the fabric and cut out the stocking shape around the letter.
The upper cuff was made from some pretty moda fabric that I had left over from a purse I made this summer. I just realized I never posted it. Will have to do that after the holidays. The flower was made from felt and some Spellbinder Floral Doily Die. I didn't come up with the way to make the flower, I have seen several tutorials on the web showing this method but I haven't seen one using Spellbinder dies so I thought I would show how I did it. One larger flower base and 4 smaller "petals" were cut with cream colored 35% wool felt.
Place the base down flat and fold one of the smaller flowers in half. Place on base as shown.
Continue with the next flower layering it on the previous one.
The final flower is layered on top the previous but the one side is tucked under the first petal so they sort of alternate.
The tutorials I have seen don't leave a space in the center as I did. I did it this way so there would be room to attach a rose to the center. Sew (or glue) the petals into place around the inner part of the flower.

Fluff up the layers. Then add a center.
I have been attaching a number to various treats to count down the days. The kids were pleasanlty surprised when this showed up hanging on their doors. The "I" is for my son and even though the stockings are pretty feminine he doesn't care as long as it has chocolate inside!
Thanks so much for stopping by, have a great day!
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Amy Johnson said...

So adorable and such a cute Idea!

Sharon Sews said...

These are beautiful!

Becky McNeer said...

very shabby chic! love it!
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Rachel {} said...

I love those!!! so pretty! Come on over and join the project party!