Friday, January 20, 2012


This is a painting project I did last fall.  I needed a little side table for our entry way and I found this little table in a re-sale shop.  It was a dreadful maroonish color which had been layered over numerous other colors.   I new it would be some work to get it where I wanted it but it was the perfect size and shape. I also had been looking for quite a while for something that would fit and that didn't cost a bundle. 

Not sure what happened to the top but it looked awful and was uneven from the paint and chips.
I had to sand that baby down to the raw wood with an electric sander.
The bottome part wasn't as bad so it just got a once over with some hand sanding.
I used a coat of Rustoleum's  Ultra Cover 2X primer in grey.  The top was painted in heirloom white and the bottom dark walnut.
This is my fancy paint set-up, a cardboard box, so I don't paint the grass.  The bottom got 3 coats of the walnut color.  It is a really pretty rich and  deep brown. 
To paint the top, I taped off the edges in green frog tape and wrapped newspaper around the base.
The top got three coats of the Heirloom white.  It is a sweet, creamy, off white that went very well with the walnut.  I also distressed the edges a smidge with some fine grit sandpaper.  I went over the entire piece with clear Fiddes and Sons wax.

I was pleased with how it turned out considering this was only my second furniture painting project.  I want to add some print to the top eventually but that may have to wait till next summer's vacation. 

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~*Joni said...

Oh Kim this is gorgeous! I know how some people love the before pic of shabby chic, but I love the elegance of your after photo. Just beautiful for an entry way! :)