Sunday, October 27, 2013


This is from a pattern that I drafted a looooong time ago.  Like two kids, 25 years and 30 pounds ago.  I was cleaning out my closet a while ago and found my "mini me" size  and decided to make a new one for my current, mature,  fluffy body (its so fluffffffeeeee).  What prompted this is a contest that is going on at  It is a sewing site that I have been following for a while and it is about reviewing one's experiences with sewing patterns. It is a nice source of sewing info.
It turned out pretty well. The elastic is comfortable and the leg ruffles do a nice job of camouflaging certain hind areas if you know what I mean.

It never really occurred to me to post some of the stuff I did when I was designing but my renewed interest in sewing may just prompt me to find some old pics to post.  

Hope you have a great week!

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Amy Johnson said...

Wow! Great work! Your such a good seamstress!