Friday, March 18, 2011


Happy Friday! We have finally thawed out a bit and have a really warm day ahead, yippee! I don't have a lot today because I was thinkin my son's Pinewood Derby was next Saturday when in reality it is tomorrow. So guess what we have been frantically trying to complete? I will give you a sneak peak of my next refurbish project.....
And I did do a couple simple things for the inside of my shadow box. This is a glass lab vial that I got at work.  Didn't steal it, it is something that isn't used in modern bio labs.  When a research prof retires the contents of his or her lab is distributed to whomever wants it.  If it is usable in the lab, great, otherwise it goes whereever it is wanted.  I do wish I had the stopper for it though.
It was filled with little glass beads  which were tinted with SU's ink Bermuda Bay. All you have to do is put the clear beads into a small zip bag, add a couple drops of ink and smoosh it around.  Dump out the beads and let them dry.
This is a clock from Tim Holz and a couple fabric covered buttons. Not a lot but at least I have two cubbies filled and I do have one more project half finished that I hope I will have posted this weekend.If you like shabby I think you are going to love it.
Have a great weekend and thanks for checking things out!

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Amy Johnson said...

You are such a tease! LOL!