Wednesday, January 9, 2013


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We have a very long hallway which I use as a picture gallery.  I started out wanting to make a stenciled "family" sign to go on one of the walls but I saw the beautiful, vintage style letters in this VINTAGE CHARM  SCRAPBOOK KIT by Quirky Twerp and thought they might make a nice sign.

I started out with an old, light oak,  kitchen cabinet door front that I got from our local rehab place Construction Junction.  I can't remember the exact price but I know it cost less than 2 dollars. I didn't take a pic before I painted but it looked pretty much like this.
 I gave it two coats of Annie Sloan chalk paint in old White and distressed it a bit with some fine grit sandpaper.
Next up was the application of some brown glaze. I used Rustoleums Transformations glaze in Java Brown which I got at Home Depot.  I used a foam brush to apply as evenly as I could.  Make sure you wear rubber gloves and work in a well ventilated space. It looks yucky at this point but wait....
It is easy to wipe off as much stain as you like as long as you use a damp cloth.  The top shows what it looks like after wiping with a dry cloth and the bottom after a damp one.
It is always better to remove a lot and then add more if you want a darker glaze.  This was how it ended up after a couple applications/wipings of the glaze.
I printed out the word family from the digital kit onto tissue paper.  This is done by taping the tissue paper all around the edges onto a standard sheet of copy paper and printing as you normally would.  I sized them to fit the center rectangle spaced evenly.

 I used a newer product called Mod Podge Antique Mat. It is supposed to give your projects a vintage tone.   

I used 4 layers and it maybe, kinda looked a little vintagey????? Since the wood was already glazed it was hard to tell. I not only put it on the letters but the also the entire sign to keep it uniform.
The letters are so pretty and the Mod Podge blurred everything a little which added to the vintage feel.

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