Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Hey there, howz it goin' I have been both busy and hot beyond belief.
 We are adding a garage on to our house and we had to remove the ac.
 Of course it is the hottest week of the year and we are melting. This is a pic of the house mid-construction.  Can't wait to get it done.  I will never again have to chant-while scraping a foot of snow off my car- I hate snow, I hate snow, I hate snow.

The good news is that I have spent a lot of time in the basement working on a bunch of projects.  This is a stool and corner shelf makeover quickie.  I tried out a new paint from the Plaster Paint Company. I will have a review of it along with some other chalk type paints in a future post.  The color is called Ivory Lace and it is a very slight off white color.

This is how the two pieces started out. One light and one dark wood.  Both are thrift store purchases.

They both got three coats of paint and a couple coats of light brown antiquing wax.
I also distressed the edges a bit and tried a new technique I found in blogland.  I wanted the distressed edges to be dark so I used a Minwax Wood Finish stain marker in dark walnut.  It is a flat tipped pen that is used to touch up stained wood but it makes a great antiquing tool.
We have had a boat load of hydrangea flowers in our garden and thankfully they are just about the only flower that doesn't make my husband sneeze.
I need to find a cool old-timey clock to put on the top shelf.
I have lots more to post, I just have to get around to organizing my photos and actually getting them on here.
Stay cool!

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Amy Johnson said...

Fabulous work on the refinishing. I really love the window treatment in your picture too!