Saturday, October 27, 2012


This is one of the more fun (but arduous) projects I have done lately.  Since I tried the chalkboard paint on an old mirror, I thought I would try to make a mug for my daughter. If you are like me and often only look at pictures for instruction.... PLEASE READ THE TEXT OF THIS POST IF YOU WANT TO MAKE ONE!!!!! Or at least follow the listed rules. I made a lot of mistakes and hopefully you will benefit from them. I totally could have avoided all the fuss if I had just looked up instructions before I started, duh...... anyway here goes.

I got the mug at target and taped off the area I wanted to paint with painters tape.
Leave a space at the top so you won't be putting your mouth on the chalkboard part. The paint says it is non-toxic but you don't want to take any chances. Also it was difficult and messy to try to paint between the handle ends so I just taped off along the edge of it as shown.
Since I had used the chalkboard paint on the mirror successfully I thought it would be ok for a porcelain mug. WRONG!!!!!
Once it dried (for two days) it peeled right off.  Of course only in some places.  I had to scrape the rest of it off not once but twice....with a craft knife......I am a very slow learner.
 I went a googling and found that you need to use a special kind of  chalboard paint made just for porcelain. Soooo I sent off for some.  I got mine from Dick Blick.  It is cheep there but the shipping is stiff.  The paint itself is more expensive at Amazon but the shipping is less.  It seems no matter where it is ordered from it is about the same overall price.
Mistake number two (or three or four but who is counting?) I used the foam roller brush that I used (again successfully) on the mirror.  WRONG!!!!
It was all bumpy when it dried which was completely the opposite of the regular chalkboard paint that had bubbles when wet but dried flat. Not very pretty huh?
Mistake number....oh crap whatever... I didn't mix the paint before I used it so it remained all shiny after it dried.  I know this because I was hoping the bumps would go away when it dried but they didn't and it stayed glossy.  This mug was then designated a butt ugly pencil holder and off I went back to target to buy  new mug.  I then went to the omnipotent and all powerful you tube and found an instructional video. Of course it is in french but is subtitled in english.  I ended up just looking at the video anyway and not reading it. It is a wonder I can walk upright isn't it?

Rule #1 Use the correct type of paint
Rule#2 Mix the paint thoroughly before you start to get rid of the shiny stuff
Rule#3 Use the correct brush

This is the recommended brush type and it worked really well for me, go figure.

I only used one coat and it covered very well.  Just be careful to get an even coat  because I had a couple drip spots once it dried and by then it was too late to fix.  

When you mix it correctly, it still goes on glossy (with no effn bubbles)but dries matte.  You have to let it dry for 24 hours.  Then bake at 300 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes.  Look at the difference.

I thought it looked pretty plain so I tried to do some stenciling on it and found that at least for me both the Pebeo porcelain paint (the regular kind not chalkboard kind) and martha stewart brand didn't work very well
I ended up using some sharpie paint pens and drew inside the stencil.  It is a little messy and I don't really like the colors - which were limited- but not bad for my first  fourth try. I don't know how the paints will hold up with washing though.
For drawing on the chalk board, I found this really cool chalk marker at Joann's. It works just like chalk in that it wipes off with a wet cloth but looks like a real marker and no messy chalk fingers. I also found you don't have to condition the chalkboard like some instructions tell you to do when you use regular chalkboard paint with ordinary chalk.   The chalk marker I used wiped off easily with a damp paper towel.
This is going into my daughter's Halloween care package along with the bat droppings and pumpkin poop.
These would make great Christmas gifts especially for teenage/college age kids.   And once you ahem...actually make them correctly, they aren't difficult to make at all.
Have a crafty day!
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Casandra said...

Love your blog! The chalky projects really caught my interest and I've already learned a lot from you :) Thanks for visiting me and leaving a comment. I'm your newest follower!
Thanks for sharing and inspiring!

Amy Johnson said...

You are so funny! Well, it turned out great after you learned from all your mistakes. So those are what chalk markers look like? People keep coming into my store asking for them, but we don't carry them yet.

Ruth said...

You must be like me. I jump into a project, get my hands right to it, make mistakes, and then I look for instructions on the right way. Your mug looks great, though. And now you have all this wealth of knowledge.

Peggy said...

Just stopping by to invite you to My Wednesday Linky party.

Karen at said...

You are too funny! I thought chalkboard paint was supposed to stick to anything, who knew? Great finished product, love the steniling!!!