Sunday, October 28, 2012


I realize this is soooo late but obviously, from my recent posts, I finally have time to blog some of the stuff I have had done for a while.

 I wanted my daughter's graduation announcement/party invites to be special and personalized so I incorporated my favorite of her senior pictures into it. I also wanted the recipients to be able to remove and keep the pic if they wanted so I made a little photo frame as part of the design.

I used a die from Maryann Designs for the inner frame which I adhered to a 4x3 inch rectangle.  The rectangle was adhered to the outer frame (which is a spellbinders die) with 1/4inch double sided tape.  It was placed around the outer edges of the patterned paper forming a little pocket. I bought the die before we got the pics so the top of her head was cut off a little but it was too late to fix at this point.

The entire frame was attached to the folded invite which was made by cutting a 4x113/4 inch piece of cardstock and folded at 3inches, 6 inches, 87/8inches. The shorter portion will go at the bottom of the invite so that it folds into itself flat. The announcement/party info was printed on light weight paper and made about 3 3/4 inches wide and 8 1/4 long. I folded it like the outer part and put just a couple pieces of double sided tape on the back to attach it.  I found that if I glued the entire thing or put to much tape it inhibited it from folding properly.

I also stamped some flowers on the edges.  I believe it was a Stampin up stamp.  I used a stampin up oval and scalloped oval punch and used my cricut to cut out the numbers to form the year. I used one of those glue pens to attach the numbers since they were so tiny.   I added a thin pop dot to the back to create a stopper for the frame.

It folded almost completely flat which made it easy to send in ordinary envelopes and with normal postage.  
I got a lot of compliments on it and most importantly of all my daughter was happy with it.  Hard to believe she is halfway through her first semester of college already!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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Amy Johnson said...

Such a beautiful and unique Graduation invite and a great idea too!