Wednesday, October 17, 2012


 My husband and I were  junking antiquing one day and found a really great shop with super prices.  We found several things and I had so much fun with them.  We were going to be getting some new living room furniture and I wanted something I could use for a sofa table.  We found this for 40$.
 It was the perfect size and shape but the color? Not so much... It had holes on the top and nails sticking out of the bottom legs so it was missing some pieces. Fine with me, I didn't want them.  I patched the holes with wood filler and sanded the top smooth and roughed up the rest.

It was spray painted with RustOleum 2X Painters Touch primer in gray (cause that is what I had on hand) and then with 2 coats of dark walnut. Love this color, it is a satin but I topped it off with some semi-gloss spray on polyurethane.
I kept the original pulls, they were so pretty but oh so dirrrty. I cleaned them up with some Brasso and  sprayed them with some RustOleum Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint.  You would think I am a shill for RustOleum but I'm not, I just like the paint.

 Turned out perfect for our living room and I finally have a space to decorate! I will be showing some of the stuff I made/purchased to go on top of this lovely in my upcoming posts.

See ya soon!

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Amy Johnson said...

What a wonderful refinishing job!